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HAPPY 2015!

January 08, 2015  •  3 Comments

Hi all,

This is my first NEW Blog post! I have tried Blogging before but I just didn't make enough time to make it a regular, worthwhile part of my website, soooooo here goes, attempt no. 2!

Hmmmm where to start........OK maybe lets start with a little about me, Sophie, the Photographer behind all these images. Lots of you know me very well, just a little bit, or not at all so hopefully I won't bore you but when doing what I do, offering such a personal service, whether it's parents letting me into their homes to snap away at their precious Little People, or inviting me to capture one of their most important days of their lives, their Wedding Day, I think it's important you know a bit about your photographer.


Name: Sophie Joanne Connell (Maiden name)

 AKA'S: Mumma, Soppy, Soph, Connell, Sop, Mrs Campbell-Johnson, Sophs, The Baby Whisperer, PETA.

Age: 30 something!!!

Height: Little. (this helps when trying to fit into tiny spaces to make use of the best natural light, goofing around with the Little People and disappearing into the background at a wedding )

Status: Happily Married with two INCREDIBLY amazing Little People.......not that I'm bias, they just are :-).

Location: South East England.

Hobbies: My animals, walking my dogs, eating out, and generally spending time with my family and friends. I'm BIG on family!

Loves: Children, animals, DOGS, DOGS, DOGS, cuddles and kisses, music, singing, romance, Christmas, good food and cooking, red wine (in fact any colour wine), lobster, chocolate, being outside, family, the colour grey, interior design, films, honesty, photos!

Hates: Cruelty, bullying, wind, RATS, RATS. RATS, dead things, waiting for anything, how quickly my Little People are growing up - SLOOOOOWWWWW DOWWWWN!, birds in cages, my husbands alarm clock, people taking people for granted and not putting 100% into everything. LIFES FOR LIVING, when the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve.

My Positives: I seem to have an amazing rapport with children (which I hope never to loose), my family seems to have a "good/keen eye" gene which is pretty important when your a photographer, you can can be a photography geek but if you haven't got "the eye" AND the rapport/passion for your subject your photos won't be powerful. I have inherited my mothers hard working gene and I love hard work. I have inherited my fathers ability to get on with everyone not just people "like me".  I put 110% into everything and love life.

My Cons (I'm sure I have a lot more but lets not bore you ;-) : I am stubborn, I am firey, I am impulsive, I am impatient, I often take on too much, I am a THINGS person ("THINGS" cost money). I have expensive taste, I blame my mother and grandmothers!! I am my own worst critic.

Job: Mother and Photographer


Bye for now.


x Sophie x