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SHOUT OUT - Party Planning and Styling at it's best!

February 08, 2016  •  4 Comments

 With my job I get to work with such a variety of different people, couples, families, children, as well as lots of different companies.  Lot's of which I am very lucky to work with, people who's work is second to none and who also are a pleasure to work with.  Not everyone deserves such credit and I think it's  important to make people aware of such wonderful companies and people who deserve the credit.  Also with such a huge amount of competition in all fields it can often be really tough to make a decision as to whom to book, buy from etc. Quality, manners, good ethics, and good honest decent people are all a must IMHO.

My work has lead to me working with a children's party planning/styling company called Les Enfant, owned by Katie and run by her, Lucy her sister and Helen and their party passionate team of extremely hard working, down to earth people. I have worked with them on several occasions and they know the best of the best whether it be for the most impressive cake to the best children's entertainers in the South East and are THE BEST at what they do In my opinion.


Here are some fabulous shots I have taken from some fabulous Les Enfant Parties, followed by some questions and answers from Katie, the brains behind Les Enfant!

lesefantA fabulous 7 year old boys dream birthday party :-) les enfant2les enfant2


Questions and Answers from Katie @ Les Enfant 

Tel: 020 8502 9988


 Hi Katie, thank you for your time in answering a few questions:


Q. Can I ask how Les Enfant came about?

A. I used to be an event manager at The Economist Newspaper so have been
organising corporate events for a long time. Once I had my
daughter I wanted a more flexible job so I worked as marketing manager part
time and set-up Les Enfants alongside working. I had a company organise my
daughter's 2nd birthday party and I was left feeling I could of organised a
better party myself. However, It was a big learning curve to go from adults to children's events and we have spent many years
now getting the best suppliers on board.


Q. What would you say is the secret to a successful children's party?

A.Take advice, if you are using a party planner they know what works and
what doesn't. I find that the parties we plan from start to finish where we
can use our expertise to pick the venue, entertainment and styling are the
smoothest. We always try to incorporate everyone's request but will always
be honest if we think something doesn't work. I also think they need to be
successful on two levels, with both the children and adults, two different


Q. How much is the most a client has ever spent on a birthday cake?

A. £1,500

Q. What has been the most lavish party bag you have been asked to put together?

A. You name it we have done it, fish tanks and goldfish, bags filled with
Disney store gifts, handmade superhero cloaks and masks,
it is a really fun part of our job and we love that some clients even send
gifts out with the invitation.


Q. What was the most fabulous, extravagant party you have every been asked to plan and style

A.It is very difficult to say, we work with a range of VIP and celebrity
clients who value their privacy and we think this is very important which is why we never show pictures of children or take requests for
television. Let's just say there have been some incredible parties and that is part of the reason we do this job.


Q. I have personally had  the pleasure of seeing and sampling ( ;-)  lots of your incredibly styled "Sweetie Tables"  which really are the foal point of your parties when entering the party room. Who is the creative genius behind these?

A. Katie tends to have the overview of the theme, researches the colour
scheme, props etc and then passes it onto our senior stylist Lucy who is a
whizz with all the detailed making. Of course we have some fabulous
suppliers of baked items who really bring the tables to life.


Q.  Tell me about your Wedding Creche's as this is something of yours I have yet to photograph. What a fabulous idea!

A. We love them, they are a wonderful idea to manage having children at your
wedding. We have a trained team of nannies, a wide range of play equipment and of course we style the room or tea table to
match the bride and groom's colour scheme. We organised a fabulous one recently at Kensington Palace was wonderful to be involved.


Q. If you weren't in events what would you be doing?

A. I think I'd be living in a Gite in France having a very different life.



les e 1les e 1 Les Enfant 

Tel: 020 8502 9988