Sophie Connell Photography | HAPPY EASTER!


March 27, 2016  •  4 Comments

Good Morning all and HAPPY EASTER - as a chocoholic this a favorite of mine ;-). Today I will be mostly, eating and spending the day with my family - BLISS!!

I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce our bunnies, Mabel (dark ears) and her doting partner/brother/husband/whatever she'd like to call him, Dennis. I'm very anti keeping pets in cages or confined space and believe if you have a pet they should be a big part of your family. These bunnies were dumped by some coward and I knew that if I didn't take them, that they could end up having a depressing life in a small cage/hutch with little fuss and love.


So much to my poor husbands dismay, I took them in. I got the biggest hutch and run I could find, they have the start of their "run around system" ( which links their hutch to their run in the day. We are lucky enough to have a huge garden and I plan on expanding  the system so that they have a runaround tube leading from their hutch all the way up the whole length of our garden with a couple of mini hutches connecting them in the middle and at the end (it will sit at the back of a deep flower bed we have. We also have 2 cats (Vincent and Casper) and two dogs (Henry and Bertie, who are from working stock so have a very strong hunt instinct) So as much as I would love to have the buns in the house all the time (my hubby has different thought's on this ;-/) it's just not practical if we want them to be safe. So when my dogs are at my fathers (3 x a week for 10 miler walks which my schedule and life just doesn't allow for), the buns come into the house. They are litter trained so they just hop about and then back to their tray if they need to "go". The cats are fine with them, although I wouldn't leave them alone together as again, cats have a strong kill/hunt instinct. But Casper our Ragdoll loves them (he loves everyone and everything) which is wonderful to watch. Then when we are in the garden, the buns come out with us. It's wonderful to watch and they run around the garden at full speed.

My daughter and I did a "mini shoot" a couple of weeks ago with Mabel and Dennis. I think you will agree they are pretty special!!!

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