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Putting the good stuff into you and your little people.

February 08, 2017  •  3 Comments


I'm a huge believer in you are what you eat. Don't get me wrong mine and my children's diet is far from perfect and on a Friday if everyone has GENERALLY been well behaved the kids get to go to the local sweet shop to choose a few sweets but generally we eat well. We only have refined sugar in the house when we have builders in and i have to make endless sugary hot drinks!! We don't ever buy fizzy drinks, and the only thing we do give to our children to drink is Water, Coconut water, fresh fruit juice very rarely and for my husband and I - wine ;-).  I do find that myself and my son at times are intolerant to gluten and I tend to avoid white flour at all times, certainly when it comes to bread I only buy wholemeal. I am also a big advocate of Organic produce and I think it's a no brainer that if you buy something that can sit in the fridge quiet happily for days on end and still look and smell as formed and bland as when you bought it, then there is a reason, it's been "messed" with and god knows what the long term effects of these chemicals are.  I am also a wannabe vegetarian and am working up to it, but rarely eat red meat and apart from when I eat out and can't be sure where it has come from, will only ever buy free range/organic meat/fish.

Two of my oldest friends Leonie and Abi and their good friend Benji are big on clean eating and are the co-founders of Kale and Hearty  please check them out on facebook and insta. and take a look at their website which is full of fab ideas and recipes which are great for you, as well as tasty and not complicated! Between them the girls have 6 children and some with intolerances so they post lots of wheat free, gluten free, sugar free and daily free ideas. Benji who's main focus is his personal training and his amazing protein cookies which IMHO are a must in every gym bag, nappy bag, handbag, briefcase, man bag! Check them out and place an order they are delicious and so good for you. (














Last year Kale & Hearty myself, my camera and our 8 children spent the afternoon playing around with some of their favourite brands and ideas for healthy, sugar free snacks and we had a lot of fun doing it! It's so important to bring our children up to have good, fun happy associations about food and get them cooking and growing their own food for healthy, happy lives as adults. So many people where brought up on rubbish, unhealthy food and now produce the same for their little ones, and it's all about educating yourself and you family and teaching them what is good and what is bad to put in your body and to enjoy the good stuff! Please do follow this fabulous trio and pop over to THK to order some Protein Cookies from, and watch this space for their up and coming e-book. 





So who and what is Kale and Hearty?

"We are Personal Trainer and founder of the The Health Kitchen Benji and sisters Abi and Leonie and have been friends for 20 years. We all have a passion for eating real food."


Why did Kale and Hearty come about?

"We have 6 children between us with various allergies to gluten, dairy and peanuts and so cooking healthy meals from scratch became very important. Benji has 17 years as a PT and so nutrition is part of his life. We collaborated to share our ideas and show that eating well is not difficult, doesn’t have to be time consuming and tastes great! "


Which items are on your shopping every week?

"Almond milk, yoghurt, eggs, bananas, oats, kale, broccoli, chicken. "


What do you struggle to get your children to eat and how do you try to get around this?

"Abi’s eldest is autistic and so has certain foods he won’t eat because he doesn't like the smell, broccoli and bananas being 2 of them. He does love spinach and other fruits so as long as he is getting the nutrients he needs somehow a big deal is never made about it. My eldest was intollorant to cows milk protein as a young child and although he can now eat dairy he no longer likes it. He doesn’t eat yoghurts, cheese or milk. He does however LOVE our baked oats recipe which includes yoghurt (cooked in to it) but as long as he can’t taste it he’s fine. Also encouraging them to help grow our food (we have a herb and veg patch) as well as helping to prepare and cook our food really encourages them to try different foods. "


Which are your top 5 brands?

Rude Health – for non dairy milks ( ) 

Jungle Butter – for organic, raw, refined sugar free almond butters ( ) 

Delicious Alchemy – gluten free oats and cereals ( ) 

Hilltop Honey for a wide range of raw honeys ( )

The Coconut Collaborative – for dairy free coconut yoghurt  (





Can you tell us about your children’s favourite 3 savoury meals that don’t take too much time for a busy parent?

"Roast Tomato soup Boiled eggs with sweet potato soldiers Sticky chicken legs, veg and parsnip chips. 


Can you tell us about 3 easy, healthy puddings that your children love that again would work for a busy parent? Banana pancakes (also work brilliantly for breakfast) Smoothie ice lollies Our cinnamon oat biscuits



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Which foods are an absolute no in your house

"Artificial colours and sweeteners and refined sugar."

Can you tell us about any other brands you would like to recommend that you used during the shoot?

Mixer - Kitchen Aid ( 

Cake toppers/mini milk bottles and straws - Pretty Little Party Shop  (

                                                                                   The banner - The Rainbow Company ( ) 

                                                                 Little Rose's Bloomers - Sophie and Co. ( )

                                                             Little Rose's hair band - Numi Kids (