Sophie Connell Photography | Boys Boys boys...............and Bluebells!

Boys Boys boys...............and Bluebells!

April 27, 2017  •  3 Comments

I first met these two handsome chaps around 3 years when we had an Autumn shoot by their home in Hertfordshire and we had such fun then!. This time they came to me and I took them to see the Bluebells for a woodland adventure, climbing trees, jumping off trees, balancing on handmade stick/rope swings and then throwing in a little bit of sensible for mummy with some more posed sensible shots. 

WE HAD A BLAST. I gave them my usual "stick to the paths, don't stand on any bluebells and defiantly don't pick or run through them, as they are super special and it will ruin them for everyone else if we do trash them" talk and they took it all onboard and stuck to the rules beautifully. It's very sad how so many people think it's ok to go charging through these beautiful flowers, roll around them and even RIDE THEIR BIKES THROUGH them which then kills them, flattens them and spoils them for everyone else. 

The boys and I had such great fun, whilst Mummy sat back and enjoyed watching them smiling, fooling around, climbing trees and being super stars on their shoot. They were an absolute please to photograph and were beautifully behaved.

Vera I hope you and your husband, and the boys of course enjoy the photos and i look forward to seeing you all on Sunday for Luke's Holy Communion! 


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