Sophie Connell Photography | Missy turns 1 !!

Missy turns 1 !!

January 04, 2018  •  3 Comments

Missy's parents invited me to come and capture some precious shots of Missy to celebrate her first birthday. We even managed to get her big brothers in some shots too!  missy059missy059 missy087missy087 missy139missy139 missy063missy063 missy011missy011 missy039missy039 missy-94 copymissy-94 copy missy201missy201 missy128missy128 missy113missy113 missy099missy099 missy119missy119 missy192missy192 missy177missy177 missy095missy095 missy-55missy-55 missy162missy162 missy201missy201